Nonviolent Communication, Permaculture and Homeschooling in Regional Western Australia

Woman with brown plaits wearing a rainbow unicorn horn, purple jumper and rainbow scarf sitting inside a white van

Rachel is a peace weaver who dances in paradox. By day, she teaches empathy. By night, she chokes people.

Rachel teaches Nonviolent Communication with her mum at Talk Your Peace and she’s developing NVC resources for men. NVC is a powerful framework, a philosophy and a set of practical tools for aligning what we do and say with our core values.

Rachel trains BJJ & MMA. She hosts travellers in her home, homeschools her son, practises permaculture and runs a health food store. Follow her journey on the blog.

Find free downloadable NVC and homeschooling resources here.

NEW YouTube channel launched 2024! Check out Talk Your Peace for short, simple Nonviolent Communication videos.

Want Rachel to bring NVC to your school or organisation? Find out more by browsing the blog or getting in touch. You can also connect with her on her Facebook page.