Meet Rachel: I’m a mother to an endlessly curious and energetic teenage boy. We live on a suburban permaculture block in WA’s South West. I’ve been renting in different situations for over a decade – city, country, single, married, sharehouse, cottage, townhouse, housetruck, tent, community.

When I first ran a household, I began to experiment with herbs and gardening. I didn’t have much money, so I learnt a lot about saving it. Along the way, I became more and more interested in sustainable living – living in a way that doesn’t leave a negative impact on further generations. Parenthood made it all seem more urgent. Permaculture gave me inspiration and hope. I read and read and read. I taught myself how to bake bread, barter, budget, make my own medicine and how to survive on a bucket of water a day. I learnt sewing skills, bike maintenance, how to make soap, Montessori education for toddlers, gardening methods, non-violent communication. I did a permaculture design certificate, nonviolent communication training, project management and a Living Smart course.

Like my son, I’m curious in an endless list of subjects. I’ve researched and experimented with fermented food, local travel, upcycling, natural medicine, setting up a barter station on my street, communal living, gift economies, hosting strangers, plastic-free living and martial arts. As a child, I made rose water and other concoctions in my mother’s kitchen, which she often threw out because they looked strange. (Sometimes they were!) As an adult, I enjoy whipping up fragrant potions, which I used to sell at local markets. I’ve spent years testing all sorts of things, and learning about what is important to keep the planet and its inhabitants healthy. I’ve made plenty of mistakes, and lots of discoveries.

I’m a peace weaver and I dance in paradox. By day, I teach empathy. By night, I choke people. It’s called Brazilian jiu jitsu and MMA. I’m working towards being internationally certified in Nonviolent Communication and I teach NVC at in person workshops. I’m developing NVC resources to share soon, especially resources for young men. Because this world needs peace and NVC is a powerful system to align your words and actions with your values.

I’m not perfect and I hold space for human messiness and gritty reality. On this blog you’ll find recipes, tips, stories and resources. We can all do something to move towards the world we want to live in. Welcome to the journey.


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