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Choc Beetroot Christmas Truffles

  • December 14, 2015
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Choc Beetroot Christmas Truffles


How about some homemade decadent truffles this Christmas? These are low in sugar, high in good fats and velvety rich flavour, and sneak some extra veg into your diet.


This recipe is from the excellent ‘I Quit Sugar: Simplicious’ by the sugar-free, waste-free queen Sarah Wilson. Loads of great Christmas recipes in here. Celebrate without the food hangover afterwards.



1/2 cup cooked beetroot puree

1/2 cup double cream

50g 85% chocolate

1 teaspoon allspice or cinnamon


I started with a whole beetroot, peeled and cubed and cooked in a little water. Source organic beetroot if you can. I reckon you could make these with sweet potato or potato instead.


If the beetroot puree is wet, heat it carefully in a small saucepan to evaporate the water. I cooked my beet cubes until the water had evaporated.


I minced my beetroot in a choppy machine. Puree will hide the texture better, if you prefer. I just pretend that the red bits are jubes or fruit.


Measure cream. I buy my cream in glass jars, because the chemicals in plastic leach more easily into fatty foods. You need good thick cream.


Measure spice. I’ve tried adding cardamom seeds, allspice, cinnamon or Australian bush spices. You may like to add a little pink Himalayan salt, too.


Heat the cream and spices gently until just melted.


Break the chocolate into chunks. Get fairtrade chocolate if you can. You need real dark chocolate if you want to keep this recipe low-sugar. 80% or above. Check the label.


Mix in the beetroot and chocolate. Stir until smooth. Mm mm.


Put the mixture in the fridge to firm up. If the fats separate, just stir a few times as it’s cooling.


Roll into small balls. If they’re too soft, whack them back in the fridge for a bit.


Coat with extra cinnamon or cocoa. Real cocoa (or cacao), without extra sugar in it. Not drinking chocolate. I shake some cocoa into a container, and roll them around to coat.


Pile into a container for Christmas gifts, use to pay off debts or eat them all yourself. Keep them in the fridge until just before eating.

For more chocolate recipes, see Vegan Chocolate, and for Christmas gift ideas, see All I Want For Christmas.

What’s your favourite truffle recipe?

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