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Make Peppermint Bench Spray

  • July 21, 2014
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Peppermint deters both mice and ants, so it makes a good addition to a bench spray. It also smells nice and fresh. Making your own means you can avoid chemicals, it’s cheaper, and if you reuse old spray bottles it’s one less plastic-packaged thing to buy. Good for Plastic Free July!

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You’ll need peppermint essential oil (one of the cheapest – try supermarkets or chemists first, then the health food shop), vinegar and water, a spray bottle to put it in (reuse an empty one, or buy one at a hardware store), a funnel and a label.

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First, fill the bottle about half way with cheap vinegar.

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Like this.
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Then, fill it almost to the top with water.
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Like this.
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Last, tip in about 10 drops of peppermint essential oil. You can add a few drops of detergent if you like, to help disperse the essential oil. I usually don’t bother – I just shake the bottle every time I use it.

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Write a label. It’s good practice to label every homemade potion you make, even if you think no one else will use it. I use masking tape and a pen to label everything from freezer bags, dry food storage, cleaning and beauty products, to storage boxes.

You’re all done! To use, shake it and spray it on benches or cupboards before wiping over.

You can also make mould killer by using clove oil instead of peppermint. Clove oil costs more but is very effective against mould (so is straight vinegar – more so than bleach!). It’s also more of an irritant for sensitive skin, so if you have sensitive hands use it with care. Spice oils, like clove and cinnamon, smell delicious but are generally even more potent than leaf oils, like peppermint. All essential oils should be used diluted.

Have fun creating healthy cleaning sprays.

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